Fear Free®

We know that bringing your pet to the vet for a visit can be a stressful time for them. Our goal is to make your pet feel less stress during these visits which is why our staff have become Fear Free® Certified.

What does it mean to have staff with Fear Free® certifications?

Having staff with Fear Free® certifications means that our staff has had specialized training that aims to alleviate stress, anxiety and fear while your pet is at our clinic. Our Fear Free® certified staff use multiple techniques to help calm your pet:

Giving treats to help distract. Did you notice we give out treats like candy? This is done purposefully to help distract your pet from what
scares them. A great example is when a pet is afraid of the scale. Our receptionist team often uses treats to distract from the fear of the
scale and redirects their attention to a delicious snack!

Getting down to your pets level. It’s not unusual to see our staff get on the floor to examine, treat or even pet your furry friend. Some
pets become intimidated, more fearful or stressed when a stranger stands over them so we make an effort to get on their level when possible
to help alleviate these feelings.

Pheromone diffusers, for both cats and dogs, are used in our lobby and exam rooms. These emit calming scents to pets to help them relax.
Interested in using a pheromone diffuser in your home? Ask our staff about recommended pheromone diffusers or purchase one for your pet at
our clinic.

Want to learn more about Fear Free® or learn how to use Fear Free tactics in your home? Visit https://fearfreehappyhomes.com/